What is Art therapy? Art therapy is a form of psychotherapy grounded in the belief that using the creative process to explore feelings may reconcile emotional conflicts and foster self-awareness.  It is important to mention that there is absolutely no requirement for artistic skill; the value lies in the process and the content that emerges when you explore your internal world in a visual way. My role as an art therapist is not to interpret your art, but rather guide you in exploring symbolism and metaphor that reveals itself.  

 What are the benefits? The benefits of art therapy include stress reduction, management of behaviors and addictions, improved social skills, increased reality orientation, anxiety reduction, and increased self-esteem. Using this process can be useful to explore challenging topics when sometimes the right words are difficult to find. In my office I have a variety of mediums to explore should you wish to use the art process in our work together.

 Who benefits from art therapy? Art therapy is widely practiced in many mental health and medical agencies and is appropriate for individuals of all ages. Art therapy supports the treatment for a wide range of mental health issues and may assist in the process of achieving personal insight in individual, group, couples, and family therapy.